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HÄFNER – Weights and Weight Sets

Our company has been producing weights for various applications since our establishment in 1933.

Häfner is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and is a specialist for weights and weight sets.

Häfner Gewichte delivers worldwide and is renowned for its reliability and precision.

Standard weights E0, E1, E2High precision weights F1, F2Precision Weights and Commercial Weights M1, M2, M3Accessories for Test WeightsBoxes and
Service Cases
Selection Program for Test Weights - Maximum Tolerance according to OIML Maximum tolerance according to OIML R111


When performance is decisive

Our company in Oberrot has been producing weights for various applications since our establishment in 1933.

The position of the weight was fundamentally changed when electronics entered into weighing technology. It changed from a weighing instrument (in partnership with scales) to an adjustment and testing tool for scales and measurement devices.

The demands on weights increased constantly as electronic weighing cells were able to be produced with greater precision and higher resolution.

We recognised and accepted this challenge in good time. Rationalisation and the use of modern technology have enabled us to take a leading position in the sector of modern weight manufacture today.

Every HÄFNER blank is formed using special materials. The latest casting technology and high precision CNC processing machines are the most important components in production. The highest level of know-how and the latest surface processing technology ensure a constant, high level of precision for every HÄFNER blank.

What happens after that is pure craftsmanship.

Our employees use their extensive experience and sensitivity to process each weight to the given weight value.

Each processing step is tested constantly on the most precise scales with calibrated standards. The environmental conditions are also constantly monitored.

Each perfect HÄFNER weight is once again cleaned and tested before delivery and a certificate is issued (e.g. DAkkS calibration certificate) if the client has requested it to document the quality and traceability to the national standard.

HÄFNER perfection is only possible with employees who have mastered their craft. Our weights are so perfect that our employees are proud of every single one of them.

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