Use of weights and mass standards

HÄFNER test weights - Fields of application


E.g. calibration of a scale

  • In the manufacture and service of scales and measuring equipment of weighing technology.
  • Important adjustment and test equipment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in the food industry.
  • Testing equipment in general industry for weighing.
  • Mass standards for the dissemination of the unit of mass in national metrological institutes.
  • Normal weights for authorities of legal metrology and verification for the verification of scales and weights.
  • Mass standards for calibration laboratories in industry.
  • Weights for the training of mass, force and pressure units in education and training.
  • Adjustment and calibration equipment for special measuring devices for tension, pressure, torque and flow measurements.
  • Weighing instrument in trade on mechanical scales, such as table scales and decimal scales.

At HÄFNER you will receive expert advice on all aspects of your weights, see also selection programme for test weights. A regular check of your weights in our calibration laboratory "MASSCAL" ensures their trustworthy use and a long service life. You can have your weights calibrated and recalibrated by us quickly and at fair prices.




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