Silicon sphere


Special transport containers

For 1 kg silicon sphere, consisting of 2 parts: special aluminium lower part with special plastic for centring; upper part made of special aluminium with polycarbonate tube and plastic centring screw

Transport box

To hold the transport container for 1 kg silicon sphere; special aluminium frame case with hard foam inserts, with folding handle on top and lockable latch

Glas bell

With base for 1 kg silicon sphere, consisting of special aluminium base; special glass bell (ground flat) with sphere seat; sphere seat (made of PEEK), for storage in laboratory

Special LED Flashlight

For the inspection of silicon spheres, special cleaner with built-in air filter, for safe cleaning of dust particles

Special transport containers

Inspection plate made of anodized, special aluminium, with polished sphere holder made of PEEK and with glass bell for 1 kg silicon sphere; with built-in rotating plate for surface inspection

Sphere holders

Stand as cleaning aid, made of special stainless steel; electrolytically polished; with polished PEEK caps

Hi-Tech unterlay D 60mm

For silicon spheres; used as a base for accessories; knitted cloth, ultrasonically washed; pack (10 pieces)

Special fork

For the handling of 1 kg silicon spheres; handle made of anodized aluminium; carrier plate made of polished PEEK

Hi-tech cleaning cloths

For silicon spheres; 40 x 40 cm, knitted cloth, laser cut, ultrasonically washed, pack (10 pieces)

Special nitrile gloves

For use in cleaning silicon spheres; 100% nitrile; powder- and silicone-free; recommended by PTB; sizes S, M, L and XL available; pack (100 pieces)

Hi-tech pads D 100 mm

For silicon spheres; for cleaning and as a base in various sphere accessories; knitted cloth, laser-cut, ultrasonically washed; package (10 pieces)

Special nose pliers

For handling 1 kg silicon spheres; with spherical, self-centering ring jaws covered with special microfiber caps, with smooth or curved handles

Special microfibre gloves

High purity model, available in pairs, sizes S and L

Cleaning concentrate

Deconex; PH-neutral, salt-free cleaning concentrate, for very gentle cleaning of silicon spheres; 2 % dosage in water recommended; available container sizes: 1 I and 10 I

Milligramm weights
Knob weights
Cylinder weights
Block weights round
Block weights rectangular
Heavy weights with bolt eyes