Analytical weights F2


Adjustment, testing, calibration instrument for class II scales and for quality assurance for scales with a number of steps < 100.000..

Weights for calibration and verification of weights of lower classes (M1-M3) according to OIML R111. Used for significant transactions (e.g., precious metals and gems) on class II scales. Load cells for displaying the most accurate tension, compression or torsion determinations.


In accordance with OIML R111-1:2004, weights with their nominal value of 1g and above are marked with their nominal value only, without any indication of the unit. To identify class F2, the letter "F" is additionally applied above the nominal value designation. For differentiation purposes, weights of the same nominal value that are present several times in a set are marked with dots or asterisks.

In addition, a maximum of 5 user features (characters, letters and numbers) can be applied to clearly identify the weights as test or measuring equipment. These user features can be defined by the customer when ordering.

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