Commercial weights of class M3

Adjusting, testing and calibrating instrument for commercial scales


Adjustment, test and calibration instrument for coarse scales (class IIII) and for quality assurance for scales with a number of steps < 3.000. Weights for use in conjunction with

  • Commercial scales (Class III) and coarse scales (Class IIII).
  • Learning aids for school and training.
  • Load tests in elevator, crane and vehicle construction.

All 3 classes depending on accuracy requirements as load authorities for tension, compression and torsion determinations.

Knob weights
Hook weights
Block weights
Heavy weights stackable / rectangular
Rolling weights
Carrier and slotted weights

Labelling according to OIML R111:2004

Weights from 1g to 500g are marked with their nominal value and the unit symbol "g" (e.g. "10 g").
Weights from 1kg and larger are marked with their nominal value and the unit symbol "kg" (e.g. "1 kg").
Additional marking of the class:

  • Class M1: "M" or "M1"
  • Class M2: "M2"
  • Class M3: "M3" or "X"

are applied to the upper side.

Weights according to DIN 1924 do not have class indicators.
The manufacturer's mark may be applied to rectangular block weights of class M1 and to all weights of class M2 and M3.
To distinguish them, multiple weights of the same denomination in set compositions are marked by dots or stars.

In addition, a maximum of 5 user features (characters, letters and numbers) can be applied as a data matrix to clearly identify the weights as test or measuring equipment. These user features can be defined by the customer when ordering.